Glazing Options

When it comes to choosing the appropriate Glass or Perspex for your item, there is much to consider. To assist your choice you may need to consider the following: cost, appearance, UV protection, reflection control, non-breakable.

Tru Vue Anti-Glare 70%UV Glass
Our premium & most popular glazing product. This industry leading glass is optically coated to provide a virtually invisible finish. Its ability to create optimum clarity and sustain the vibrant true colour of your piece is second to none. Your item will also benefit from a high 70% UV protection to endure longevity of your artwork.          Tru Vue® uses a proprietary multi-step coating process. First, an inorganic silica-based UV inhibiting coating is permanently cured onto the surface of the glass substrate. Then, using Magnetron Sputtering technology, layers of highly energised metal oxides are precisely deposited onto the glass substrate. The result is the most attractive and most protective display option for all works of art.

Tru Vue Conservation Glass
The ultimate choice when it comes to protecting your item from the elements & retaining value. Conservation Clear® is the standard conservation grade glass product. Conservation Clear® glass provides 99% UV protection to protect against fading. Tru Vue® uses a proprietary coating process where an inorganic silica-based UV inhibiting coating is permanently cured onto the surface of a glass substrate to produce this ultra protective glass option.

Standard Clear Float Glass
Our most widely used glazing product. Suitable for most environments and our most cost effective glazing product.

Traditional Non-reflective glass
Used most effectively in light-polluted areas to diffuse severe reflection from your artwork. Can distort or have your piece lose clarity. Still used frequently, but has much been superseeded by the better Anti-glare product that are now available in the current market.

Shares the same properties as our standard clear float, but with the advantage of being unbreakable. So, great for schools, public areas and when artworks are to involve freighting.

*See us in store to discuss and discover other available Tru Vue glazing/acrylic options.