Mat Board

The mount / matting included within a picture frame serves as additional decoration and performs several other roles. A mat board’s practical function is to allow a complementary toning & space or breathability around your artwork, it also serves the purpose of separating the art from the glass. Mounting plays an integral role in the framing of your artwork, and requires as much attention as the moulding choice. As well as selecting appropriate tones/colours, you will also need to consider matt widths, whether to choose a secondary mat (double mount), integrating fillets or a V-groove. You may also wish to consider a museum or conservation grade Mat Board which is a perfect alternative for those looking for a high archival and acid-free quality.

With all these questions you can rest assured that we are here to guide you through the process. We will do this with our wealth of experience within our team, combined with our vast supply of Mat boards to appease any colour palette.