Memorabilia and Jumper Framing

The framing of a collectable sporting piece has long been our forte. This is derived from our passion for sport. Our creative license is often welcomed by our clients as we endeavour to create that “one off piece” that stands to be admired proudly in one’s home. We do this by suggesting accompanying photos, plaques, calligraphy, medallions. We always frame in a way that will compliment the piece, with matching ‘club colours’ for the mat board, and framing in a manner that will compliment the era. For example the framing of a Don Bradman bat would be approached with respect for the steeped tradition of that time. Compared to that of a 2011 Geelong Premiership Guernsey which would receive a more modern approach.

Memorabilia & Jumper framing could also be something more personal. It could be a local footy premiership jumper with your premiership medal. Why have them in your cupboard when you can have it on your wall to reminisce that special win.

Something that is so true about memorabilia, is that we all want to create that ‘one off piece’ or ‘look’, and there are literally an endless number of combinations and ways of presenting your framed piece. We think that with our team and it’s vested experience that we can help you create something that will be the envy of all your friends and be treasured for a lifetime. So whether it be a Sporting Jumper, signed print, boxing glove, golf putter, cricket bat, racing silks or anything of a memorabilia nature, please don’t hesitate to have us frame it in a matter that will set it apart from the rest.

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